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  1. Los Angeles Times-- "the photography was spectacular." 

  1. The Washington Post-- James Westwater’s “images magnified the music" at the sold out concert with the National Symphony.

  1. Akron Beacon Journal-- Westwater’s performance was "the most distinguished portion" of the Cleveland Orchestra program. "Absolutely breathtaking... He is obviously a master with the camera, and his scenes are perfectly mirrored by" the composer's "rugged and proudly lyrical music."

  1. Cleveland Plain Dealer-- James Westwater’s photochoreography with the Cleveland Orchestra was "splendid... breathtakingly beautiful" ... performed "with technical excellence."

  1. The Pittsburgh Press-- Westwater’s performance with the Pittsburgh Symphony was "spectacular and loving... touching and lyrical" a "brilliant photographic display."

  1. SYMPHONY magazine-- Westwater’s performance was "the highlight ... by all accounts" of the Milwaukee Symphony classical series.

  1. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-- Westwater’s performance of his Vanishing Forest piece with the Milwaukee Symphony was "profoundly beautiful."

  1. Jennifer Higdon-- Westwater’s performance of his piece, The Eternal Struggle, exemplified "the most astonishing visuals I have ever seen with orchestras."

  1. Pepe Romero-- "I was deeply moved by [Westwater’s] performance... It uplifted my spirit. I felt surrounded by beauty on a level that surpassed the senses, becoming a truly spiritual experience.  I felt loved by God and Nature and in complete communion with both."

  1. Christopher Wilkins, Music Director, Orlando Philharmonic, Akron Symphony, Boston Landmarks Orchestra and San Antonio Symphony (emeritus)-- "I have known James Westwater's photochoreographic work for several years.  I am always thrilled to experience it on repeated occasions, and invariably surprised by its impact all over again.  Jim's work far surpasses anything else of its kind I have encountered, partly because of his impeccable devotion to all aesthetic concerns, partly because of his innate sense of music and musicality, and mostly because his work communicates with the same awareness of spirituality and inner life which is the essence of great music." His work, The Eternal Struggle, is a “masterpiece.”

  1. Journal of the Music Critics Association of North America-- Westwater’s performance of his photochoreography, The Eternal Struggle, with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra — set to Copland’s Lincoln Portrait — “was a searing presentation, detailing slavery in America, the Civil War, the Jim Crow era, and the Civil Rights Movement.  Joined with the CSO’s vibrant playing and [Dr. Maya] Angelou’s narration, it was an experience that brought tears to one’s eyes.”

  1. San Antonio Light-- The composer's "musical imagery was made even more eloquent through [Westwater’s] stunning color photography."

  1. The Charlotte Observer-- Westwater’s “merging of sound and image was exquisite."

  1. The Tulsa World-- Westwater’s "work displayed an artist's eye, a musician's ear, and a poet's feeling."

  1. The Sacramento Bee-- "spectacular sights and sounds... blended to perfection... [Westwater’s] sensitivity and artistry were at the heart of the success of the evening..."

  1. Murry Sidlin-- James Westwater’s artistry is "magnificently creative and the best artistic achievement of its kind I have ever personally witnessed... superb... an unqualified success and a profoundly moving experience for everyone."

  1. Arizona Daily Star-- Westwater’s photochoreography joins images and music "with unusual intelligence, sensitivity and verve."

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